Updated: July, 2020

TripleClicks is a ecommerce webpage in SFI for consumers or affiliate to make a money online & simultaneously completing an online shopping. As the name suggests a user can use this online port


In TripleClicks a person can explore numerous products for online shopping, for instance, Electronics, computer, apparel etc. With facility of deliver at home in 190 countries. A consumer can opt for the language and country of origin when log in. Easy to purchase any item, with many of the payment methods available to complete an online shopping.

How to use TripleClicks

All the subscribers, can buy & sell anything they want except things that are banned on the internet for selling. With a facility of 40 payment method, all payment process can easily take care of by TripleClicks. A TCredits is using for all services in TripleClicks and one TCredit is used for listing one item, an item will remain listed until it gets sold. A user can use three pictures of the item & describe it with 700 words. Furthermore, a user gets paid and also find an email notification, for the sold item.

Importance of TripleClicks

Firstly, a user can complete an online shopping & sell the products on TripleClicks, similarly, like any other online ecommerce portal, a subscriber have more money making opportunities. Secondly, using a bidding process known as PriceBenders, Penny auctions, in which the final price of an item is raised by one cent for every bid. Hence, a user needs to spend small amount of money or Tcredits which cost only $0.29 approx. on all the bids, the final price is a reward to the winner. 

TCredits in TripleClicks

The user can buy a TCredit with a nominal price of $0.29 each. In comparison with other penny auctions, PriceBender costs a reasonable rate. Therefore, a user has a chance to pocketing a great deals with branded new items (mobile phone, jewelry, software, etc.,), that can be resell for a larger profit. In simple words, a user can win an auction and sell the winning item to get a profit with a small investment done in auction, for example if a consumer spent a $0.29  to $5 and win an auction with the final amount of $5 which could be any auctioned product like a apparel or mobile phone, but the product can worth more than the price finalized in an auction like a apparel worth of $10 but has been sold with $5 as a winning bid in the auction, in relation with that the same consumer can sell that $5 product in a eCommerce section of the SFI that is ECA programme or any other online website with a larger profits or margin.

Ecommerce (ECA)

An affiliate or user can create a store with eCommerce program.

Member reward point and rewardical programme

While there is a reward system for the users, for instance, Member reward point (MRP), a subscriber will get 5 MRP points on both the cases of winning or losing. A user can buy things like Stereos, TVs, & iPod’s using just the MRP points. Moreover, an affiliate can earn 50 MRP every month for a Wave3 program member, with this program customers are rewarded with 50 MRP every month, 5 TCredits, and exclusive special prices. Also, a member can join rewardical programme in SFI. 

Awards of referring 

Chance of winning $250 in a weekly drawing for every person referred by you in a Wave3 program, in addition to that a subscriber will get,  50 MRP and 5 TCredits for every person is referred. TripleClicks is the best way to make a money as an affiliate. Just signing up for free with no obligation to carry. There are almost 32,ooo items for sale, that are unique and shipping almost every part of the world.

Online Gaming

TripleClicks is an amazing website with lot of integrated online games (Eager Zebra) like quiz, poker, cards etc. It provides opportunity to get entertain and performing business activities at the same time. Moreover on every win in the contest can help the subscriber to get a Tcredit and MRP which can be useful for directly purchasing a item listed in TripleClicks. 

Top Eager Zebra games


TripleClicks is an effortless affiliate marketing model that has a feature of both buy and selling which enables a consumer to buy a product with personal interest, whereas a consumer can sell the product with the use of content marketing and direct marketing to generate profits from the products that are listed on TripleClicks”


Author: Deepak Arya

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