I like to introduce some of the concepts in the digital marketing, which I came across as a digital marketing specialist during practical experiences. This context presents an overview and precise information on the most influential marketing method in recent time.

Digital marketing 

While defining this term in my own words, it is the method to improve a visibility of a person or a business to increase sales and make connections by using the internet, social media sites, other digital media by applying digital marketing skills, for instance, creativity, writing and bit of coding. However, according to many of the books, it can be defined as; 

” An integrated approach to internet marketing” 

Thus digital marketing contributed by many of the tools are known by various technical terms, I have mentioned as above:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is all about optimizing your website, either on page optimization or off page optimization. On page, optimization constitutes Title tags and Meta descriptions, header tags, URLs, Image alt text, Internal links, keywords, sitemap. Whereas, off page, optimization is all about link building. 

Web analytics

To generating leads and increasing sales many of the e-commerce brands use web analytics data to make changes to their sites in real time. It means if you are doing serious business in retails than you really need to know about the website traffic of your website at current time. In other words, it is necessary to optimize your data with web analytics tools. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Visitors click on your ad, that was placed on the search results for a specific keyword in return for a specified payment. Moreover, an advertiser only pays the amount (bid) they have agreed to a person or agency for increasing sales by getting maximum clicks on the ad that directs to the landing page on their website. Thus, an advertiser doesn’t need to pay for appearing on the search result page. In simple words, the advertiser only pays when visitor click on the ad. Therefore, it is carried out in two key segments of PPC campaigns and selecting the right keywords.

Conversion rate optimization

It focuses on and analyzes the behavior of a consumer to motivate for a particular marketing segment in reacting towards a marketing element. Therefore, a main focus of the phenomenon conversion rate optimization is to convert a percentage of the visitor into buyers for a marketing campaign. Hence, it can be done by various independent free tools available online. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is considered one of the efficient method of direct communication between consumers and business. Earlier, direct marketing is the most recommended approach to the consumers. At the moment, email marketing encouraging businesses to achieve better conversion rate. One of the advantages of email marketing campaign is higher response rates of campaigns created with shorter duration and lower cost. Whereas, email marketing can be used as a market research purpose and an extensive campaign for the people to responding to a medium.

Content marketing

Content marketing is all about the creation of engaging content to a particular target market. It could be in a form of blogs, newsletters, social media posts, business plan & video sharing sites. Now, it is most indeed part between business conglomerates. Companies are focused to prepare content strategically addresses customer needs. Thus, content shapes the brand of a company, enhance the accessibility of the products to a consumer.

Social media

Social media is all about to make a brand name, publicize the content and enhance visibility across the market. Big and small brand all are profited with the effort put on social media. Any person working in a small or large enterprise or an entrepreneur can have an enormous impact on the customer financially, as well as economically.


By Deepak Arya