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“A wrong set of keywords in a content marketing is similar to like an internet consumer looking for a digital marketing courses on the travel blog”

By Deepak Arya

Author: Deepak Arya

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Updated 2nd June 2020

Keyword research is an important aspect in a content of a blog. Right keywords can make a blog seen on the first page of Google search result. In other words, keyword research can influence a blog post result exposed to a large online audience. A particular person may have a specific need in a segment, for instance, if a person is searching for digital marketing courses in a local area, could use a keyword digital marketing courses in Google search. Therefore, as a content writer care should be taken to include focus keywords in the niche, with using the latest tools, one example of exploring a value of the right keyword can be seen in the example, where I use a word digital marketing course in a keyword research tool to know the right keyword to give me a maximum web traffic. 


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Thus analyzing at least 10 possible results, on the basis of volume, Cost per click (CPC), competition ratio, and search results. It can be seen in the search result the most frequently search word is the ‘digital marketing course’  has the search volume of 1900, with related performance on the google and bing. However, the other keywords show wide differences in the search volume, while other indicators are directing towards positive trends to rank higher. For example, the keyword number 8 in the search result, ‘best online digital marketing courses’ have lower search volume in contrast with other keyword but performing higher search result on google & bing. Thus, it depends on the digital marketer mindset, to analyze a particular keyword to hit the highest web traffic, with using tools and skills. Moreover, there are four methods to explore the keyword for content marketing, they are,

Industrial exposure

Adopting a strategy of locating the keyword on the current trend with an issue and focusing the usage of a keyword in a specific topic is an ideal choice. A marketer has to be proficient enough to understand the conversation and debates on performing factor in the market. For example, in a stock exchange market the keyword are rising stocks, trending stocks, increasing and decreasing shares, furthermore. Interestingly, most of the people use the same words with a slight difference in describing a context.

Pay per click

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PPC is mostly about paid search. An investor has to rely on the rules and regulation of a particular tool to charge for advertising with a particular payment. A person only has to pay, when the visitor clicks on the advertisement.

Site search

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It is to analyze the anatomy of the various sites with tools. Sometimes, a expertise is required, while for learning or practicing a lot of online courses and tools are available.

Competitive analysis

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Competitive analysis in a context of a new user seems doubtful and typical to understand for a expertise whether a new user can figure out every industry aspects. Thus it requires constant practice in focusing on key market areas. It is essential for a user to learn the demographics of a particular business, follow a research criterion on the success ratio of an investment with contributing factors. While for an expert, it could be an apple pie but need to focus on the core features for learning success rate of a particular keyword.

Understanding definition of a Short and Long tail keywords

Therefore, understanding the methods of keyword research, there are two queries of keyword research in organic search, that is short tail keyword and long tail keyword. 

The short tail keyword is formed with less then three keywords, has greater search volume and design from a broad perspective.

While, long tail keyword are design more than three keywords, higher website traffic, lower search volume and design with specific intentions.

Lastly, I like to conclude that keyword research is an easy process and not typical to understand. It is an important factor of an SEO or designing content. Understanding the value of a keyword to pillar a content, many different tools can be used in online marketing.

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