Keyword research tools can implement keywords in a content to listing it with a high search volume. I enlist some of the most useful tools that can ease the keyword research and improve the searching of a content in the google search results. As a digital marketer, I think for a newcomer in a keyword research or a particular person with a ample of time, I could suggest, to use every kind of keyword research tools either paid or free to improve a learning experience. Whereas, for a working person, where the activities have to perform in the short period of time, these tools are most recommendable as it provides higher search results with accuracy.

SOURCE: ads.google.com

Key features

  • Explore keyword related with product or services
  • Analyze keyword search volume 
  • learn pattern of keyword search volume with suggested bid estimates
  • Create list for the suggested keywords and plan a budget for the keywords
  • Share plan, create, ad bid and campaign management facility
Source: KWfinder

Key Features

  •  User can search for a long tail keywords
  •  High volume data base of keywords
  • Analyze long tail keyword with less SEO complexities
  • Finding keywords that are unique or rarely used
  • Analyze keywords as per locations
  •  rank a content for a specific keywords with a use of google SERP analyzer
  • User can access a free account with a limited features to use, otherwise sign up for three paid plans
Source: MOZ

Key Features

  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • analyze social media on page metrics 
  • Free MOZ tools segmented with two key areas, SEO and local marketing
Source: keywordtool.io

Key features

  • Alternative for google keyword planner
  • Accessibility for hundred to thousand keywords in a second
  • Important to connect with google ad account, & paying for ad is must
  • High volume of long tail keywords
Source: trends.google.com

Key features

  •  Free to use
  •  User can research on keyword popularity with comparison
  •  Choice of analyzing  the keywords in a specific country or region
  •  Research 5 keyword at the same moment

By Deepak Arya

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