Achieving a merit or distinction is not unimaginable or looks beyond to reach, if a person feels like an average student or an international student. While studying MBA as an international student from a recognized institution in the UK, first time I able to know about a dissertation or In company project report. A background of engineering and alarming mindset of analyzing every complex theory in a depth with practicality, I feel dissertation is much easy to complete by adopting a unique research and facts that are useful. Probably, a student could have been asking to write a dissertation as per university guidelines or given a choice to write from 3 – 4 given topic. In relation to a dissertation, I like to share some strategy for achieving a distinction in a respective field.


Plan your dissertation from beginning

How to plan it from the beginning, It could be the first confusion that arises in your enclosed mind. Understanding the concepts taught by the tutors at the begin of a first semester would keep carry on till the last stage of a degree. The focus should be on the theories come in the initial learning stage. Keep analyzing every theory and their motives, it provides a great deal of help in designing a dissertation on given topic of any industry. For instance, a topic on competitive factors, a business student will face at the beginning of the course in any module, just try to concentrate on a number of repetition of a particular word with live examples in lectures or the origination of the same word in classified theories. The objective is to figure out the importance of theory in the textbooks and the probability of a contextual theory to be included in the main task to achieve higher result. I prefer to say ‘alert minds, in the beginning, are in a better position to confidently complete a final task’ (Author: Deepak Arya). Thus, making records of key theories will provide usability in the final task.

Use of grammar

Grammatical errors are unavoidable to an examiner. However, there are no guidelines to indicate that a dissertation should be made of accurate grammar or marks should be downgraded on the basis of grammatical errors. While an examiner is totally analyzing the research, originality and concept in the report of an individual but sometime may get confused with errors in relation with the grammar, thus, can cause a deduction of the small % of marks on a basis of the holistic overview of a presentation seen in the report. As a student preparation of grammar should be the first priority to avoid negative impact on final result. 

Research method

The most notable work in any dissertation would be the research method adapt to complete a final piece of work. In the guidelines, a student can use primary research method & secondary research method. A primary research method is a questionnaire prepared for knowing an opinion in the relative issue, it can be asked through social media in a particular group or through emails. Whereas, secondary research is mostly about a personal opinion and topics used with accurate references in a given dissertation. In my suggestion, using either of the research method, complete a task without plagiarism to avoid deduction in percentage. Use the latest research from news blogs, popular articles, and latest publications and referencing the work is must in the dissertation.

Data inspection

Data inspection as a researcher, I like to provide some information on the research material utilized during completion of a dissertation. Now, numerous websites which could be paid or unpaid will allow a researcher to access high-quality data with the latest facts and figures. For example, Mintel, google scholar etc. It is recommendable to go for the data available on these sites. However, if researcher looking to access resources with free flow of data, they can look for news blogs of popular news agency and stock market websites. While I can recommend for a stock market data because it keeps updating on every working day. In terms of the availability, a researcher can look website, for example, Nasdaq, LSE etc. 

Final Reccomendation

I am recommending my overall view that, early preparation and taking care of the grammar and adaptation of latest research method can contribute to the high-quality dissertation. Focusing the key areas of research, inclusion, and exclusion of theories should be done with appropriate measures, for instance, provide references to avoid plagiarism. For the students, I suggest, focusing  a research only on a main topic, for instance, if the business topic is ‘strategy to improving market entry of a new product in the diverse culture’ therefore, if the market entry is focusing on a culture than one ideal example can be the speaking language and most of the theories focuses on a different linguistics is adapt by a culture of that particular geographic region. Furthermore, it will concludes some of the key explanation of advantages, disadvantages, competition, and suitability of investment, etc,. Subsequently, researching all these main points help examiner to finalize the marks on the ground of justification has done with the original statement which is given for a dissertation but overall, research conducted in the dissertation would be understand in the terms of present market scenario, for instance, all the theories provide justification of investment should be done on the basis of research presented in the dissertation on the initial stage of the concept process or their is no clear perspectives of high returns, it makes a examiner to understand the thought process of the student which could be analyzed in the dissertation with fact checking, referencing and ideology of a student. Another important point is completing a dissertation to enlisting benefits with self analyses in the report, with textbook theories balancing the research is useful to achieving a higher grades.


‘Alert minds, in the beginning, are in a better position to confidently complete a final task’

Author: Deepak Arya

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