Strategy to complete coursework in MBA studies

Group presentation

Updated : July, 2020

In the group presentation task, students were asked to present a topic in a team on a particular question. Mostly, a student has a choice to make their own group, sometime students conditionally placed in a group by the supervising person for the sake of students to learn diversification of culture, globalization, team working and enhance leadership skills. Experience learning in such a situation will help the students to understand the art of public speaking in the working culture. The main points to be taking notes, while preparing & delivering a presentation are:

  • Clear and precise
  • Focused on the issue
  • completion within time limit
  • Accurately referenced
  • Grammar accuracy

The group presentation is mainly about teamworking, while the examiners are intelligent they will analyze the capability of a group on the ground of explanation done in a given time limit. Mostly, a presentation is limited to 20 to 25 minutes following with questioning round. 


Difference in individual essay and individual report

A student is asked to complete an individual essay or an individual report as per the guidelines. An individual essay is recommended to write in a para-graphic style. While report can be written in a listed or bullet points. In both the style care should be given in font size of 12 points, aerial style, and double spacing. 

Group report

Group report is the easiest part of a coursework, because, it can be complete in a team. The students can contribute by sharing their ideas, distributing tasks and finalizing the submission. The main style of formatting remains same as an individual report. 

Final thought

To find the information students will be more attentive, take proper care and adopt suitable study measures from the beginning of the studies. It is essential for a student to know a every part of the information before completing the coursework and examination to achieve a higher percentage.


“Postgraduate degrees are university or college base initiation to judge the patience and skills of a student to handle the pressure, it demands more efforts with stage by stage and shapes a student to compete in an industry base situation”


Author: Deepak Arya

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