If an internet users has a immense interest in creating the articles and want to share an opinion, the blogging is a fascinating way to find oneself a hobby. Not only, it can be your amateur playground but a way to share your thoughts with creativity, and a reliable source to make online income. I have explain some basic steps that helps any internet user to learn for writing a simple or more advance blog.


Registering on a blogging website

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This is the first basic step to find a launching pad for a successful blog writing, there are many websites that give you a source to write and edit a blog in a perfect way. If you are a Microsoft word user, than this will not be a difficult task to implement your ideas with creative options like to insert a picture or edit with a font of your choice. Some of these websites are Word press, blogger, tumbler etc, it is easy to register on these websites and begin your journey as a blogger.

Content Research

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What is a content? How to research? Can I do it?, these are the one of the many questions that makes any internet consumer skeptical before going to write a blog.  Mostly, learning and researching a content is lenient and similar to like reading a favorite book, purposely, a content can be find in daily lifestyle of every person. While looking around oneself enables a person introspect some questions, for instance, what do I really like?, presumptuously, If you like cooking or know how to repair a laptop or you like to browsing about the latest mobile pieces, these are the best of the ideas to find a niche in your topic. However, even if it is very much a unthinkable or undecided state of mind to create a content than it is necessary to reading a favorite section of the daily newspaper, likewise, if your favorite section is sports, than write the articles in the simple words but avoiding plagiarism and, it will help the internet user to educate themselves on different social networks.

Link Connections

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Thus, you have the niche and you are successful to make a content. The next step is to connect your blog to other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, NoTensions etc, these social media networks makes your blog successfully accessible to other people. Importantly, let other people comment on your topic, that lets you know the likes and dislikes with opinions of the internet readers, it will make a person to understand the creativity and content to use next time. I believe, “Improvement can only be known by constant practice and checking it with a previous work”(Author: Deepak Arya). Worthwhile, it will help you to build popularity in the blogging world with prospering as a successful blogger.

Learn SEO (Search engine optimization)

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Now, this looks a little hard to understand what is an SEO?. Search engine optimization is very important to keep your blog on top of the search results in the web browser, for example, Google search results. In that scenario, SEO helps to furnish your blog with the technicality of the content marketing. Giving inbound links, outbound links and keyword research is very important to let your blog accessible in an internet world. 


“Improvement can only be known by constant practice and checking it with a previous work”


Author: Deepak Arya

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