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“Internet is like an ocean with lots of hidden gem beneath it, a searcher can either go for the gems or else just explore the depth of internet as a never-ending process”

By Deepak Arya

Author: Deepak Arya

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Updated 30 June 2020

I have been researching on SEO and link building tools to prepare this article on link building that is a important study concept in digital marketing. Moreover, the context of the article is consist of the link building enhancement and theoretical side of the SEO, that to understand  linking in a digital marketing perspective. In this article I try to introduce theories with my understanding in the respective field which could be helpful for a student or a blogger to achieve proficiency in the digital marketing career.

High quality content

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A content writer can be an architecture of a content that is useful and enhance learning for the consumer, whereas, the Internet is a medium for finding opportunities, education & entertainment. In other words, a content marketing on the internet is creating the numerous advantages for businesses and career options for the consumers. I prefer to say ‘internet is like an ocean with lots of hidden gem beneath it, a searcher can either go for the gems or else just explore the depth of internet as a never-ending process’. Thus, the link building is immensely important for advancing a content in the depth of the internet, relatively, that is a technical side of the content marketing for achieving visibility for the internet users that constitutes processes like link building and SEO. Moreover, a internet user or a blogger can build a content that is related to the daily lifestyle or according to the needs of an audience, for instance, a topic on health, sci-fiction or technology can be tempting for a content researcher in that fields, therefore, creating content on trending topic could be the preferable method to update the audience. Worthwhile, with the advent of social media, now the content can be easily shared and readily available. However, in relation of businesses, link building in a content is pivotal due to intense competition in industries to increasing sales through content marketing.  As a result, it forces the market leader to ask their employee to build high-quality content. Moreover, I can say two decades ago people don’t know about online video channels, which enforce them to completely rely on televisions for keeping them up to date. At present a user can educate the followers with video enable content, thus, innovation can be used in a content. Therefore, to achieving a result oriented goals in content driven market, a possible approaches could be using linker in the articles that could be achieved by tools available on the internet. Furthermore, for a newcomer in the content marketing or a blogger can use a content with problems and a possible solutions, else, a critical analysis of the most talk about topics with the latest research methods could be adopted and link building can be learned with practicing different tools available on the internet.

Off site participation

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Understanding a off-site participation is like an Internet user has to build the relationship on other social media channels. In other words, it can be said, a person should advertise a business in different social media channels, for example Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, NoTensions, YouTube, Instagram etc,. Therefore, a off-site engagement can be maintained on social media via sharing posts or showing interest by commenting or liking in other advertisers work. Thus, like a symbiosis, the phenomenon could be understood in a context of link building that is sharing a mutual understanding and build an off-site relationship to advertise each other work and keep the content readable to a Internet audience. In simple term, to build a bonding in mutual understanding with Internet users on different social media that enables a blogger or content marketer to survive in the online business.

Methods in offsite participation

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  • A most convenient approach to link building is using personal contact and asking them to share the post on their accounts. It will be useful to get oneself a small audience to keep everyone motivated. 
  • looking for the SEO related business or expert that can complete the link building tasks with their skills or online tools available. This method could be an expensive one, as nobody works for free and these experts will charge money to get the work done.


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  • High link equity mostly refers to linking the content with a popular website.
  • low link equity can be understood as linking a content with harmful websites, not a smart approach.
  • Inbound links can be understood to link content with the other useful content from the same website. It is the most recommended method of link building.
  • Outbound link can be term as linking a content with other two to three website. 

At last, I like to conclude that link building provides a base for the content to get successfully crawl on the search engine for the content finders. Mostly, learning, a link building concept is not a difficult task for an outgoing person in the direct marketing that requires more investment in resources like recruitment but with the revolution of marketing methodology and continuous innovation on IT, pushes industries in digitization marketing model, therefore, consumerism is accepting the innovative approaches of internet technology, as a result, a  person with the introvert mindset does not need to be transformed as an extrovert to get successful in the content marketing that is the advent of the blogging, and social media. Worthwhile, to succeed in internet marketing a consumers should applause by reacting or liking a useful article or just commenting on it, as a result, the benefited person will react with the same emotions. Otherwise, approaching the facility of using paid tools or an expert advice is always an alternative that is available for the researcher. 

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