SEO metrics in Google Analytics

Considering SEO as a typical process is not an intelligent thought, in the sense of increasing sales on online marketing. A creator can make a website, that looks appealing with intense thoughts and ideas. However, any web-page needs an Integration with tools for measuring a success ratio, which indicating regular conversion in sales. Thus, it is important for an expert to continuously monitor the progress with the right SEO metrics, I have enlisted some of the key SEO metrics that should be look in a Google analytics to monitoring a progress of a service website as follow.

Lead generation

It can be related to the success of a website or a business indicating improvement in sales. The question could be here how to do it, I can get some examples in the form of screenshots from Google analytics for a learner to understand the basic to track and monitor the success of a business.



In Google analytics, acquisition consists of three types, Direct, organic search, social. Understanding the terms, direct means either the owner or the employee has an access to the site, the organic search indicates a search carried out from a search engine, for instance, Google and social search are accessing an article through social media.

Source: google analytics

Bounce rate

Bounce rate means the person visit one time or spent a session time on a single page without using any other services on the page. In-depth analysis of bounce rate can clearly understand by visiting the Google page.



It usually means calculating a session to an average number of pages viewed with repetition. Understanding the metrics may result for further improvisation required in the user’s website. If a metrics shows less percentage of the users visiting the landing page or service page, thus, in that case, a user needs to search for alternatives. A development of much engaging website or SEO expertise to use tactics to control the results by enhancing services as per requirements.


Average page load time

Visitors on any websites like to access any information that is fast and readily available. If the page is slow and take a tremendous amount of time, makes a visitor could loose interest and force to exit the page, thus, reduce the chances of the website to get loyal customers. More examples can be analyzed on contributing factors of slowing a page is redirects, compression, images etc. It is necessary to identify the page errors with developing tools.

Click through rate (CTR)

On a ratio of 10 clicks on 100 impression means a website has CTR of 10%. In Google search, CTR is measured according to the number of clicks with an impression on a specific website. In other words, If a large number of people clicking on a particular keyword, that eventually, makes a page rank higher on the Google search. Thus, indicates the CTR of web-page or website. Therefore, on measuring this SEO metrics, will allow a user to enhance further improvement in keyword analysis or SEO optimization.


Backlinks are considered is an immensely important SEO metrics. To understand this concept in depth, If a website is accumulating less number of backlinks, for example, 50 backlinks, will not consider a contender to displaced a position of the website that has 25000 backlinks. Similarly, if a website is related to movie blog and the backlinks it gathers is from medical fields in that case Google considered it as spam and disavow backlinks in relation with that particular website. To consider, quality backlinks using tools or expertise is recommended, refer these pages get some overview of concept of link building and tools to use monitoring it.


Monitoring the Performance of a keyword used to publish an article is a type of an SEO metrics, a user should analyze all the time. Learning about importance of keywords more benefits can be utilized to understand the conversions or increase in sales related to the keyword. For better understanding read these articles on the keyword research and tools

By Deepak Arya