What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is of two type shared and managed. First discussing about shared hosting, If you are a owner of multiple website than you must need a large server to share all these multiple websites, thus multiple website on the same server makes a hosting company to provide service at much affordable cost to the business owner. A shared web hosting can cause you  approx. 2.95$ to 9$ per month. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to understand for share hosting, it is as follow.

Shared web hosting


  • Subscription fees is just approx. 2.95 $ to 9 $ per month, gives a economy reason makes large amount of website join the share hosting facility
  • Some of the hosting improvised in technology to give more improved version of share hosting 
  • Specialist services available, thus makes a person to totally concentrate on a business rather on a maintenance of the site
  • Extra services available in most of the share hosting companies


  • In comparison with dedicated server, the server time is relatively slow
  • Internal factors of a service to can cause site down or slow.

Managed WordPress hosting

Due to increase in the WordPress  uses, many of the hosting services provides managed WordPress hosting. One of the benefit of the managed WordPress hosting is a consumer can focus on the business and leave the rest on the hosting services, that take care of all the issue 24×7. Another, feature of the paid service with WordPress  specialized support i.e, specialist handle all the interruption errors.


  • Super speed: Even the traffic is on high scale, the managed hosting, able to give a consumer a high speed, thus no worries of interruption in work.
  • Protection: The malicious activity can be controlled and permanently blocked by the integrated fire wall system, to make the spam or hacking attempt eliminate at the very first stage.
  •  Support staff: A consumer can’t feel alone ,and can ask for help any time or 24×7, either by chat support or email send.
  •  Other advantages are automatic updates, downtime monitoring, everyday backups, and  use of specialized tools.


  •  High price: Price is the main concern in the managed WordPress hosting, A managed hosting service can charge between $25 to $30 per month for a basic plan whereas a shared hosting plan can cost a $4.0 per month. That could be a costly adventure for a person running multiple websites, but has no idea how to generate source or income on the internet with a managed WordPress hosting. 
  • Restrictions: Some of the plugins can’t be used in a managed WordPress hosting makes a consumer to decide the website structure with limited features available on the WordPress.

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