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    1 month, 1 week ago
    Hi Friends,
    I am Deepak, I created this social media almost two years from now, I think I am able to create a large section of the media with the best of my abilities. It can be easily seen that a subscriber can found entertainment in the form of videos, photos, and many other related segments in the form of tabs that exist in the activity areas, I am very much elated to see that many subscribers have joined the group and posted some entertaining content. Also, a person can share their work on other social media with social share feature which provides the functionality of sharing your piece of work to the other popular social media. I also like to mention that I am an entrepreneur and at present, I am working as a solo person on the development of the NoTensions social media website while I am writing articles and blogs to make it more seen on the Internet. I am a newcomer in entrepreneurship and I am inviting any interesting person to have a partnership or have an IT facility enrichment to make it more robust and promoting it on the next level. I am very much interested if anybody is from the USA, Canada, India, etc or a person to be a part of my ideas and provide further solutions. I believe western countries like the USA believe in entrepreneurship development and innovation. As an entrepreneur, I am posting my thought just to make more friends and build a team that believes in entrepreneurship and believes in freedom of thoughts to build and create.
    Deepak Arya
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    • First, you need to prepare a business plan and find advisory on top career site like LinkedIn, you can ask in more professionally on those sites, I hope it will help.

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Digital marketing specialist, Blogger, Website developer, App developer, Editor

I am working on this social media for last two years and executing social media marketing, blogging, digital marketing, communication support, technical support. I also created a youtube tutorial for the online income page. I will be more active online to provide support and guidance for the subscriber in connection with NoTensions Social Media



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