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  • sey john posted in the group Wildlife

    1 month, 1 week ago
    A wildlife conservation video from salesforce, where activists are sharing their thoughts on preserving the species. It is our necessary duty to just get ourselves out of human greed and be the participant of the conservation.
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    • Generous thoughts on wildlife my emotion are with you but I can’t be the participant due to busy working life I wish you best for the wildlife activist journey

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Sey John

Wildlife social activist

I am a wildlife social activist, I travel a lot from America to Africa and many wildlife sanctuaries. I am a documentary creator on many of the endangered species. I am still a beginner and I need to learn a lot, I join social media to enlarge my network and publish my work around the world. I want to save all the wildlife and they should not be harmed for entertainment purposes. I am looking for the people that like to join my team and help in raising funding to travel together or they can finance themselves, we can be volunteers to save as many species possible.


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